Cyber Bullying -My Opinion Essay-

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Today, over nearly 43% of kids have suffered cyber bullying [1]. Many of the victims have suffered it more than once. Cyber bullying is growing problem in the society. In Canada, cyber bullying can be considered as illegal. However, is it truly effective to have law enforcement to be involved with cyber bullying? As resolutions to cyber bullying, police shouldn’t have to be involved for most cases, instead school should educated students how to be more self-confident and defend themselves, and parents should hold responsibility of cyber bullying and take an action against it.

No law enforcement should be associated with most of cyber bullying cases. Getting authorities involved in cyber bullying could backfire. Some perpetrators could come back from their punishment such as a suspension, jail, etc., and bully them again or even physically hurt their victim. At the same time, the victim could get bullied by other people for being a ‘tattled teller’. Furthermore, by the time the authorities step into the problem, it might be too late. Many cyber bullying cases has been looked after the victim has committed suicide. For example, Rebecca Sedwick committed suicide after cyber bullied [2]. Cops did take an action and caught two culprits who bullied her online, but what does that differ? Sedwick’s family lost her already, and we cannot change that. It is true having police stepping in is good, but many of times, it’s too late just like Sedwick’s case. Rather than having police involved, students should learn how to defend themselves online, and parents should take more attention to what their children do in the virtual world so that they could stop it before it worsens.

School should have more serious education for students on how to handle cyber bullying when they become the victims. This educational system is crucial for today’s problem, but also later on in the future since the virtual world is expanding and will expand further,which will leave possibilities of cyber bullying happening. Additionally, cyber bullying could be much more dangerous since the perpetrators don’t feel guilty as much as they do when they are bullying in real life. In Cox Communications Teen Online & Wireless Safety Survey, 81% of students answered that they think bullying online is easier to get away than bullying in person [3]. Schools can reduce victims of bullying by teaching students on severity of cyber bullying and how to defend themselves. Teachers need to teach them that they should not ‘feed the trolls’ or respond to them, and would collect the evidences that they might need in case it gets worse and they need authorities to step in. This way, less students will think that cyber bullying is more acceptable than bullying in real life . Also, with this education system, the victims would be able to take care of this problem by themselves in shorter time than getting help from adults.

At the same time, parents should be more responsible of their kids. They should know what their children is facing or doing. At times, it is needed for parents to look at what their kids are doing in the online world:whether they are bullying or being bullied. In the study by Society for Research in Child Development, it was proven that bullies have poor relationship with their parents [4]. If parents contribute to fix their strained relationships with their children, cyber bullying rate or bullying in general could drop. At the same time, having parents realize that their children are bullying, could prevent cyber bullying before it gets worse. Furthermore, parents also need to notice that they’re kids are the victims of cyber bullying, and take actions against it. First, they need to be understanding, kind, and teach them not to face bullies in virtual world but instead deal with the ‘trolls’ in real life. Parents understanding and helping their situation would give the kids the feeling that they are not alone, which will save them from self harming or worse, committing suicide. Parental attention could determine whether you child is going to be the cause or victim of cyber bullying.
Overall, authorities does not need to be stepped in cyber bullying cases unless it’s serious or getting serious. Instead, school should seriously educate student on severity of cyber bullying and how to protect themselves from cyber bullying. At the same time, parents should pay close attention to their children whether they are perpetrators or targets of cyber bullying.

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[2] Steve Almasy. Kim Segal and John Couwels, CNN. ‘Sheriff: Two Girls Arrested In Rebecca Sedwick Bullying Death – CNN.Com’. CNN. N.p., 2015. Web. 20 June 2015.

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Blogger of the Week Reflection

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I replied to all the comments on my blog posts, such as:

Are We Safe in the Cyber World?


Romeo’s Diary

I also went back and reply anyone that has made another reply to my comments, so that on my blog post, most of comments will end with mine. Furthermore, I went back and revisited blogs I have commented to see if anyone replied back, and if they did, I commented back.

Posts I have left comment:

Child Vaccination- Do or Don’t by Trent A.

Why You Should Start Reading By Alex E.

The Ekati Diamond Mine By Glafki C.

The Positive Impacts of Technology on Healthcare By Mahruf K.

Global Warming: Causes, Effects, And The Highly Motivated High School Solution By Sebastian M.

Robots or Kids? By Rauwn S.

Is Organic Farming Really Better? By Jaimee P.

Sweatshops and Modern Day Slavery By Subhan A.

I think I will give myself overall rating of 3.5/5 for my contribution to discussions because even though I didn’t comment on all the blogger of the week posts, I replied all of my blog post comments, and even adding more information of the topic if it was needed. Also, I went back on posts I have commented and replied back to anyone who have commented back.


1. The blog discussions definitely gave me deeper understandings of the topic! The comments (discussions) added more information about the topic other than what the writer have out down. Also, I was able to see different point of views on the topic. For example, in Trent’s post, Child Vaccination- Do or Don’t, Learninghood commented with the perspective of parents. The part that he or she is uneasy about vaccinating  his or her child and that he or she went through ’emotional roller-coaster’ when he or she vaccinated his or her child really surprised me. It gave me a new perspective of how parents feel in that situation, since after all, I’m not a parent yet.

2. Were there aspects of the discussions that led to more confusion for you compared to when you read the blog post alone? Was the confusion resolved through discussion? Please explain (make specific reference to the blogs involved ­ direct quotations may be appropriate ­ reference the author).

2. No, I didn’t read any discussions that led me into more confusion. Instead, blog post gave more informations that the author didn’t have. For example, in Mahruf’s post, The Positive Impacts of Technology on Healthcare, people added the future advancement of medical technology, which solved my question: What kind of medical related technology we will have in the future?


Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 오전 12.44.433. To contribute on my discussions, I tried to put my perspective on the comments people have put, and them questions again. At the same time, I answered other people’s questions if they had any by doing some extra research, with this I was able to continue the conversion with people who commented.

I think I need to improve on trying to ask more effective questions where it will make the reader think more deeply.


4. I think people did well on giving deeper understanding of the material in the discussions. They comment sites, videos, etc. that have further studies on the topic. For example, one of the students who commented add a link to an article where it showed the possibility that alien might have been the on that created on of the sinkholes. Also, other student commented about number insurance claims there were, which gave deeper understanding of how much sinkholes are dangerous.

5. As a class, for some people including me, I would encourage to try to continue on the discussions. I realized that for many of the posts, the discussion ended after two or three comments. I think we should have better and longer discussions. In virtual world, the conversation were more informative since we could put videos and links on the comments, whereas in real life conversations it’s more based on your prior knowledge and opinion. The virtual conversations and real life conversations are somewhat similar, especially the part that people each shares their own perspective of the topic.

6. I really liked the Blogger of the Week assignment. There were various of topics that I wouldn’t have known or researched about such as organic foods, existentialism, diamond mines, and many more! I think it would been more engaging if we lessen the amount of Romeo and Juliet works we did (just one or two) and assign more of the creative posts, because I enjoyed roaming around other people’s blog and reading their creative posts! (I got to know different recipes for food, what people hate and like, and different perspectives.

The Overall Reflection

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Greed: Poem

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 What have you done!?


I didn’t meant to hurt him,

It… it wasn’t my fault!

He got in my way to success!

I told him……

I told him that he would be sorry…


You can’t hurt a person for your own good!

You can’t!

That’s inhumanity, you got to stop it


Before it’s too late.


No, I was doing what I was supposed to do.

I tried so hard to come this far.

To the top,

To be wealthy;

So no one will leave me…


What did you gain from it?

What made you try so hard to go to the top?


It gave me what I need,



People who loves me

And no one leaves me because I don’t have power or money.

I CAN do anything I want,

Unlike I wasn’t able to before.


No it didn’t.

You still can’t.

You bought the power, honor, and the people.

You said they wouldn’t leave you anymore,


What have YOU left behind? What have you lost?

Your family,

Your true love,

Your friends,

And more importantly yourself…

Now you are like a heart

That doesn’t beat,

Lungs that doesn’t breath.

You lost something crucial.


So what?

They are nothing.

I can get things like that anytime I want.

All I need is power and wealth to get that.


Power and wealth.

Everything that people wishes for.

Something that you already have but keep wanting more.

That’s greed.


Well, greed made me successful.

It helped me.

It made me do what I needed to do.

What I was scared to do.



Only emotion you should be afraid of,

It can make you a mad bull,

Aiming for a red flag.

Ignoring everything around you,

Ignoring your feelings,

Ignoring your guilt.


I didn’t do anything thing wrong,

I only did what it was right.

I didn’t have guilt,

This world only wants victor.

All it matters is whether you win or not.


Greed may made you rich,

It may made you a victor

But you are going to lose everything

If you don’t stop.


I can’t stop now,

I need more power.


What mess have you got into?

Listen to your heart,

Isn’t it telling to stop?


No it’s not.

I can’t stop.


Why can’t you?

Don’t you notice that you can’t satisfy?

It’s like trying to fill up a broken bowl

With things,

Spilling all over the place.


I am going to do this until I’m satisfy,

Until I fill that bowl with what I need.


What are you going to do after you are finished?

You are satisfied?

At some point you won’t know what you want anymore…

You are going to be a fool,

Left alone,

Drowned into endless pool

Called GREED.


I will escape.


Can you escape?

No, you can’t.

It’s too late.



I lost everything…

Things I worked so hard for…

Why does it always have to be me?


You made the choice.

You did it…


It wasn’t me.

It was society that made me do this.


It might be society that wanted that;

But YOU had the choice.

You had chance to hear your heart.


I was wrong,

Wasn’t I?


There is no right or wrong,

You just took a different path.

Now you just got to start over.


Start over…

Can I really do that?

Isn’t it too late?

Can I start over again…?


I never said

It’s going to be easy.

It might be too late.

But it’s too early to give up.

There might be times

You want to be greedy again

But as long as you do what your heart tells you to do

Then the answer is YES.



This was another piece of writing that I was inspired to write after watching K-Drama called ‘Incarnation of Money’. It was four ambitious people who did anything, even murder, to gain power and money. In the end, all four of them face some kind of destruction such as losing family, fame, and life.

This spoken poem shows the a person conflicting in their mind. The writing in black shows the person who is ambitious, who would do anything for their desire. On the other hand, the olive green colour represents their guilt on what they have messed, and their doubt if they are on the right track.

Near the end of the poem I wanted to add the part where the person doesn’t listen to his heart and ends up losing everything. I wanted to show that there is still hope and chance for those who have lost everything for what they have done. I wish that someone who is out there broken and lost reads this and find hope and willingness to start over again.

Blood Part 3: Short Story

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“You know why I’m doing this: the case of 1998, the biggest mall in the country collapsed mysteriously. Thousands of people died miserably; the case that your father was in charge of. The case your father hid.” He pointed his gun at my head. I glared at his face; the words lingered in my mouth but I couldn’t say them. I hoped Tristan wasn’t here. I should have listened to him. I shouldn’t have come here. The things I had been trying to hide for years were being revealed.


“I wonder what your boyfriend is going to say. The reason you stopped him from committing revenge 2 years ago, the reason you change your last name.”


My eyes shifted to see Tristan; he was losing too much blood, looking like he was barely holding on to his consciousness. His expression didn’t change, except he was in agony. I clenched my hand into a fist so hard that my nails dug through my skin, which turned red. Drops of blood hung on the cut. I had to keep myself calm. This… it’s not over. Yet.

“I…” He tried to continue. “I’ve been waiting for this moment. I was with them when they died. I was hiding in the closet when they were shot. They knew what caused the mall to collapse. You know why he killed them? It was to protect you.” His gun’s barrel still pointed toward my head.




“Do you know what happened with that case? Riot Gernade, who was C.E.O. of the mall, wasn’t happy about paying millions of dollars to reconstruct the building. The solution he came up with was doing poor job fixing the mall. Given the poor condition of the building, it couldn’t bear the weight of the stores and people over time. Bam. Next thing you know, the mall collapsed and thousands of people died. Your father… your father knew about this but he decided to cover the case up. Do you know why? It’s because they threatened to kill his only daughter if this secret was revealed…”


“My parents knew about this, and they tried to write a report about it. On the day before the report was to be released, your father killed my parents. He prevented report from being released because of… you.” He laughed. Gosh, Cameron must have gone insane.


“Bullshit, you just need to find someone to hold a grudge against.”


He stopped laughing and covered his face with his hand. Then he turned around.


I darted toward him; he tried to shoot but missed by an inch. I snatched his wrist and twisted it back. The gun flew from his hand and rolled far away from us. As I tried to grab my handcuffs, he elbowed me in the ribs. My hand lost its grip and he ran for the gun. I ran after him and grabbed his collar. With all my strength I pulled him back and we both fell down. My arm slid against the smooth floor. I wavered as I stood up. My eyes searched for Cameron. He wasn’t there. I couldn’t find him.

Clank. My head rang, the sound echoed in my ear. I stumbled forward, but I steadied myself. Blood slowly dripped from my forehead. I watched it fall and splat on the floor, making a small pool of blood. My head throbbed badly but it felt cool at the same time. The blood blocked my left eye’s view. I wiped my forehead with my sleeve, soaking it with blood. Damn, I liked this shirt. I turned back, my eyes staring right into Cameron’s eyes. He looked startled. I grasped the metal pole he had hit me with. Cameron’s expression changed. His fake smile was distorted. He was dumbfounded. I guess this wasn’t what he expected. I smiled at him and hit him right on his jaw. He stepped back from the impact. I followed him and threw a last punch with all my strength. My fist hit his face hard. He tumbled down. His nose was bleeding and his mouth was covered in blood. He was unconscious. It looked like he had hit his head hard on the floor when he fell. I looked at his face, and the anger inside me finally exploded. I was furious that he had shot Tristan, that I had to go through this, that I was betrayed. I put handcuffs on his wrists. The sound of sirens came from different directions.


“Urg……” Tristan regained consciousness. Our eyes met. Tears fell from my eyes with relief.


It was… over.


Tristan gave me a soft gaze. I could sense that he was trying to say he understood everything, and that everything would be alright. I tried to walk toward Tristan, but I couldn’t. My legs shook, and I lost my balance. My legs gave way and my knees hit the floor hard.


“Ha………” I sighed. Sharp pain in my head made me frown. I had a terrible headache that disabled me from thinking. I wasn’t able to move my limbs. I clenched my teeth and forced myself to move, but I could only move my upper body. My legs still wouldn’t move. I was still kneeling down. Zing-. My ear rang, I couldn’t hear anything, and the sounds were blurred. I looked at Tristan, he was trying to say something, but I couldn’t hear him.


“Ella!” He pointed toward where Cameron was; my eyes followed his finger to that direction.




Cameron had a gun in his hand, aiming for me, his finger on the trigger ready to shoot. My eyes searched for Tristan. I tried to reach for my gun but I was a second late.


The gunshot echoed in the silence.


Instead of hurting, I felt a warm hug. My eyes that closed when the gun was shot opened. Familiar feeling had awoken me. Without a thought I shot Cameron. Even though my hand was shaking, it hit him. He collapsed.


“Ha… ha…” Tristan breathed heavily. His body didn’t have any strength; he was completely leaning against me. My hand searched his back, trying to find his wound. The wound is too close to his heart.


“I’m… fine…” He coughed and gasped for the air.


“You… you must be stupid.” Tears fell from my eyes. “Why? Why did you run in front of me and got shot instead? I never asked you… I never asked to do that!”


“Hey… I want to see your face.” I helped him lie on my lap. He gave me a weak smile. “Why are you crying? You… you caught the culprit. You should be happy.” He slowly reached his hand and wiped my tears.


“Why…? Why…” I cried bitterly and loudly. Then I started to weep.


“Ha… you know, I… I already knew about your ‘background’. I knew…” He started coughing even more. Blood gushed from his mouth.


“Stop talking… the ambulance will be here any moment. “ I hugged him.


“I knew you were his daughter… since 2 years ago…”


“What…? You… you already knew? Then… then why…”


“Stupid… you actually thought… I… I would hate you? Well, even if I tried to I can’t. I’m already… I’m in love with you too deeply. When I first knew… I tried to hate you… but… but I couldn’t.”


I started to cry again. Yes, I knew it was stupidest thing I can do at this moment but I cried.


“You look… more stupid when you are crying… come on… smile.”


I gave him a weak smile or at least I tried to. Tears were still dripping down from my eyes.


“Good…” he gave me a smile. “I… love you.”


A drop of tear rolled down form his eye as he slowly closed his eyes.


“Tristan…? Tristan?” My mind went blank.


Flashlights shone on us. Multiple people headed toward us. Lifelessly I watched a bunch of people taking Cameron away. I could hear the sounds of people murmuring and running, but not clearly. I hugged Tristan a little more tightly. It felt like time had stopped for both of us. I saw Julie and paramedics running toward us. The paramedics tried to take Tristan away in an ambulance but I didn’t let him go.


“He is going to die if you don’t let them take him,” Julie shook me. I finally let him go.


“They… they are taking Tristan away… why are they taking Tristan away,” I stammered. Julie shook her head with her hand on her forehead.


“Snap out of it Ella. It’s over.”


I looked around. It was over. I stared at where Tristan had been.


The pool of blood looked thicker and darker than I expected…

Blood Part 2: Short Story

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Next day, as soon as I woke up, I went to Julie’s office. Without knocking I opened the door.


“Yo, Jules! Can you send the report for my accident,” I asked Julie, the captain of the other crew that was in charge of this case.


“That’s the first thing you ask your best friend when you visit her for the first time this year?” She put her papers down and smiled at me.


“Yeah.” I laughed. She shook her head, laughing. She got up and went to get her files. She went through them and took out a bunch of papers that were tied together. “Awww, thanks!” I hugged her.


“If you are thankful, you better give me credit if you do well in this case and buy me dinner.”


“Yeah sure, meet me at Cartier Mall,” I asked as I walked toward the door. She gave me the thumbs up, smiling. As I opened the door I saw Tristan standing in front of me. I stopped for a moment. His eyes looked like he was trying to say something but I ignored him. “See you at 7.” I waved at Julie and walked away without looking at Tristan a second time. When I was about to turn the corner, I couldn’t hold in my curiosity and glanced back. I saw Tristan and Julie talking. Something made me feel uneasy.



I walked into the Cartier Mall. As usually, I waited for Julie at Fox’s Restaurant, our all time favourite place for dinner. The waiter assisted me to a two-seat table. I ordered the usual. The waiter nodded and walked away. After few minutes, I saw Julie walking into the restaurant. I waved at her.

“Hey. How was work?” I asked. She sat before me, taking off her coat.


“Same as always, ya know.” She smiled. “What did you order? The usual?”


I nodded, “mmm hmmm, the usual.” We caught up talking about stuff that happened over the past 5 months. I told her about the accident. She asked if I was ok. I replied to her with a joke.


“How… how are things with Tristan?” She asked carefully.


“Uh… you know, same as always,” I said as I took a sip of Pepsi.


“You know, you guys used get along really well. I mean, you guys were the cutest couple in the police department, but what’s going on these days? You guys are not breaking up, are you?”


I shifted my eyes to look at her while I was still drinking Pepsi. I awkwardly smiled at her.

“You know… Tristan really likes you. It’s obvious. Why are you so afraid?”


“My last name, remember? He will hate me forever and that’s the reason I’m hiding it.”


“If it’s about your last name he already kn…. Never mind. Well you’ve been worrying about that since the day you met him. What are you worrying about right now? You keep pushing him away. You realize that, right?”

I sighed, and I started telling her about the mail I got and what I was going to do from then on.


“…Are you insane? You are really going to investigate this case, when the commander ordered you not to?” She shook her head. “Does Tristan know about this?”


“…No. He thinks I’m not reinvestigating this and you must not, I mean never, tell him.”


“Ha… well, what do you want me to do?”


I explained to her what I needed and what my plan was without realizing that time was passing.



For several days I investigated in secret to find the driver who struck me. Julie helped me get the information I needed. Every few days, I got mail showing me the articles that related to the mall collapsing in 1998, all by the same reporter. All of them had to do with my father: ‘The mysterious disruption of Torian Mall’, ‘Commander Jefferson in charge of this case’, ‘Will Commander Jefferson be able to solve this case’. I wondered what the sender was trying to say. I wondered who knew about my identity.


I tried to search for the reporter with only his initials, F.R. First, I contacted all the news agencies where the reporter’s articles had been published. Luckily enough, I was able to get some information about the reporter. The agency sent the profile of F.R. in an e-mail. I scrolled through the profile, but it wasn’t very useful. His name was Frank Revolty. He and his wife both died in 1998, while his son went missing in 2000. Was this a coincidence? They died in 1998: that was when the mall collapsed. Was their death related to the collapse? Wait, they had a son… I took out my phone and called Julie.


“Can you do some research on Frank Revolty’s son? Frank Revolty died in 1998 and his son went missing in 2000. Thanks.” I hung up.


Soon, the e-mail came and as I opened the mail, and a photo of Frank Revolty’s son popped up. My eyes widened in surprise. I nervously bit my nail. I stared at the photo for a moment. This couldn’t be true. It was Cameron. It was teenaged version of him but it was Cameron. He hadn’t changed much. He still had the same features, his green eyes and black hair. However, why would Cameron do this…? The first time I met him was 5 years ago. I had been working with him ever since. He wasn’t the type of person that would betray his co-worker. I scrolled down quickly for more information. He… he had a different name. Spencer Revolty.


I took a deep breath and called Cameron to confirm. I was uneasy. I stood up and walked in a circle.


“Hello?” He picked up his phone.


“Is it… Spencer Revolty…?”


I heard a mischievous laugh.


“You finally figured it out? It took you a pretty long time for a Captain of a team.”


I kept my mouth shut.


“So, why did you call me? You must have lots of questions ready for me.”


“What’s the reason?”


“We should talk about this in person. Where shall we meet? How about… at Torian Mall on July 14th. See you then.”


He hung up. July 14th… it was in two days.


I was calmer than I expected, more like I couldn’t believe it was happening. I called Julie again.


“Hey, guess what, I’m meeting the crazy guy that struck me. Come to Torian Mall with an ambulance on July 14th.”


“Are you insane? You are seriously going there? Also, isn’t that mall that is being renovated right now?”


“Yes it is. I’m going in at 7pm. You’d better be there by 8pm.”




I hung up.



I looked at the clock. It was 6:30. I made sure I had extra magazines for my gun. I arrived a little past 7pm. I looked around and walked into the building.

Bang. A bullet missed me by a few inches. I hid behind a wall quickly. I peeked to see how many shooters there were. 2 on the left, and 3 on the right side… I shot one of the guys on the left. The bullet pierced through his stomach and he fell. I crawled to the broken wall in front of me. This time I shot a guy on the right, but I missed. They started shooting in my direction. I shot a few more times and hit 2 of them. I stayed low and walked toward one of the dead guys. I took his pistol. I stood up, with each gun in my hands and shot the two remaining shooters at the same time. I threw the dead guy’s pistol away. One of them was still able to move, he stood up aiming at me. I tried to shoot him but I was out of bullets. Bang. The guy collapsed. I looked behind me. It was Tristan.


“You missed him over there”


“Why are you here? How did you know I was here?”


“Julie told me.” He walked toward me. “Don’t you tell me to go away because I won’t. You broke your promise, so I’m not listening to you. You wanted to be in danger; I’m going with you.”


It was my first time seeing him this serious. He was right I had no right to stop him. Also, he wasn’t the type of person not to do something that he said he would. I had no choice but to go with him.


Both of us walked farther into the mall. Together.


There wasn’t any way to get to the higher level or the underground level of this building, but the main floor was spacious enough for a person to hide. There were two main hallways.


I signaled to Tristan to go to the other hallway. He nodded and loaded his gun. He pointed the gun straight at the ground with both hands. His fingers were on the trigger, ready to shoot. He crept forward, on the alert.


I watched him go, and then I looked around. Clink. The sound of the safety of a gun being unlocked echoed in the basement; we were not alone. The thought gave me a shiver. I switched the magazine on my revolver and my finger was on the trigger. My gun was pointing straight ahead. I stepped forward, trying not to make a sound.

Suddenly, I could feel a cool aura at my back. I could sense that someone was behind me. Soon, I felt the cold and smooth muzzle touching the back of my head.


I heard footsteps coming closer to my direction. Shoot, Tristan. I tried to yell but the person covered my mouth and still had a gun pointing at my head. I elbowed his stomach. He softly groaned but still didn’t let go of me.


“Ella!” Tristan yelled. He aimed for the guy behind me. The bullet missed but left the guy a scratch on his shoulder.


“Shoot” The guy shot Tristan. The bullet pierced his skin on his left arm. Blood gushed from his wound.


“Tristan!” I cried. I glanced back at the guy, the gun was no longer pointing at me. I elbowed his stomach again. He finally stepped back. I ran toward Tristan and helped him sit against a wall.


“Why… why are you doing this?” I asked. The man wearing the black hat came out and showed his face. “…Cameron”


Blood Part 1: Short Story

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*Warning! This story is very dramatic (and cheesy)! Inspired by K-Dramas* 


Blood is thicker and darker than you expect…




A few people who were busily walking stopped. The quiet street soon filled with people murmuring, screaming, and shouting to each other. The last thing I saw before my eyes closed was a dim light speeding violently toward me. I could feel the cold and rough cement road against my left cheek. It was slowly getting warm and wet. My whole body was numb. My head started ringing; sounds were getting mixed up. I slowly opened my eyes. I saw figures of people all facing toward me. It was too blurry. I heard the sound of sirens coming from different directions. I tried to turn my head to the right. Ow. Head. Hurting. I gave up and rolled my eyes to the right. Dim light was flashing from my phone. Right. Tristan. I tried to reach it but couldn’t. My eyes shifted to the left again. Now, most people had backed away; instead, orange and black clad paramedics stood over me. The sky, blurry red with a hint of blue, blazed between the human figures. It looked like it was stained with blood: similar to sunset but… darker.


My eyes slowly closed, as if they might never open again.


The familiar smell of a hospital woke me up. I could hear someone murmuring softly, and clocks ticking. My eyes opened slowly. Sunlight shone on the left side of my face: I frowned. Crickkkkkk. My eyes shifted to where the sound came from. It was Tristan. He was captivating like an action hero. His eyes were light brown with a hint of yellow, similar to a cat’s eyes. His black hair looked dark brown in the sunlight. Our eyes met.


“Have you slept well, Ella?” He gently smiled at me. I smiled at him back.


“What? Captain is awake?” It was Cameron, a cop I work with. Wait, was my whole crew here? I heard multiple footsteps running down the hallway. Yep, my whole crew was here. I sighed loudly.


“You really had to bring THE WHOLE CREW here?” I gave Tristan a fierce look. He shrugged as he grinned.


“Captain, you have been in coma for a week and half! I was so worried that our captain wasn’t going to wake…”


“Okay, okay. Hey, I don’t have a bullet through my head, do I? I’m awake, not brain dead.”


“But… still you were…” Brandon, an investigator I worked with, murmured.


“Haha. Blah,” I laughed. “Now what’s the date right now? Did I miss while I was in a coma? You guys have the paper work for what happened with my car accident and other stuff I missed right?”


“It’s June 24th and of course we do” Cameron smiled as he opened his bag and flipped through his blue binder. “The funny thing is there wasn’t any cases lately. Also your accident was a hit and run.” The paper he handed to me showed the analysis of the accident case. No one reported a car accident anywhere near Ottawa… The car that hit me got caught on a security camera. It had been reported stolen 2 weeks ago… and no evidence left behind? I stared at the photo that was taken by the security camera. The culprit was wearing a black snapback with a black turtleneck jacket. With his head down, I couldn’t see his face well, but… he looked very familiar. The case was never solved.




As I walked into the office, everyone greeted me, asking if I was okay. I nodded and smiled. As I approached my desk, which was in the very back of the office, I saw a letter sitting on my desk: to Ella Jefferson. I slowly opened the envelope; my eyes widened in surprise, and my hands were shaking. Uneasily, I looked around; all my co-workers were busy. In my hands there were a picture of me lying in a pool of blood on the pavement and a torn picture of the chief of police, Steven Jefferson. My hands clenched, and as I shoved the papers into my pocket, the papers crumpled. My hands were still shaking; I clenched them harder to hide it. Who would send this to me?


“What’s wrong El?” Before I knew, Tristan was in front me. His eyes stared directly at mine. I avoided his look.


“Nothing.” I smiled at him, but he still looked worried. He touched my hair and hugged me from behind.


“Promise me you will tell me everything no matter what,” he whispered. I nodded, feeling the guilt in my heart.


“Hello? This is an office, not somewhere couples do cheesy stuff,” Cameron interfered. “Forever alone,” he yelled, raising his hands. Everyone laughed, easing my nerves, a little. I tried to calm my self, thinking everything will be all right.




“I have to investigate this case again!” I followed my commander as he walked into his office.


“I get that you want to analyze the case you are involved in but it’s already been closed. There is no point, it’s clean, no evidence.” My commander was trying to convince me.


“There is something behind this case.” My voice rose. “You know I’m usually right. I’ve got to reinvestigate this case!” My hand slammed the desk as I insisted.


“I know that your ‘senses’ are always right when it comes to the cases, but I can’t let you this time.”




“No, you can investigate any cases you want but not this one. Do you really want to get fired? I’m not asking you, this is an order. Now, get out!”


I clenched my fists. I walked out of the commander’s office and slammed the door.


“You… are not going to investigate… right?” I looked back; Tristan had been standing outside of the office. I kept walking. “You promised me… I don’t want you to go… I have bad feeling about this…” I acted like I didn’t hear anything; I bit my lip to stop myself from talking. Since when did I start to push him away from me? Since… since when had our relationship started to fall apart? Was it 2 years ago? When I started to know more about him.



Two years ago, Tristan and I were standing in the middle of street. It was pouring rain like there was a hole in the sky.


I darted toward him. I grabbed his wrist and stopped him.


“Tristan! Do you really have to do this? This is only going to cause you trouble!” My voice rose. He looked at me with confused eyes, his mouth opened then closed. We stared at each other for a moment; the sound of rain overtook the moment. It felt like we were alone on this street.


“Why?” The silence broke. “You do know what kind of things he did… right?” He murmured but I could feel his voice mixed with anger, hate, and sadness.


“I know, but it’s no good. It’s not going to change anything. In the end you are the one in the trouble” My voice trembled, but I tried to hide it. “You might lose your job… he can do anything. You realize that, don’t you?”


“Yeah, but it doesn’t matter, you know I’ve been waiting for this moment. He is in there; he is doing the business he hid for 10 years, and we finally caught him! If… if we go in there and get the evidence, the game is over.” He didn’t change his expression as he was arguing with me, but I could see the hurt look in his eyes, asking me why I couldn’t understand him. He turned around and walked toward the building.


“Please don’t go.” I put more strength in my hand, gripping his wrist a bit harder. “I don’t want to you to go. Please I’m begging you. Don’t go. If you go I’m… I’m…” Tears dropped from my eyes. I wiped them to get a clear view of him; the rain was already making my view blurry anyway. Tristan faced me, and stared into my eyes but I looked away. I already knew what kind of look he had on his face. His life, family, and friends were ruined because of the man who was in the building. His hands gently touched my shoulder.


“I… I won’t go. I’m sorry, I won’t… I won’t…” he couldn’t finish the sentence. He hugged me tightly, “But… promise me you won’t go somewhere dangerous if I don’t want you to, like I did today…”


“Yeah… I promise.” But I kept avoiding his gaze, because I knew I might not be able to keep that promise. I knew it was hard for him to walk away from that building, I knew I shouldn’t have said that I would leave him. I knew how much he had waited for revenge, and how I was only thing left in his life… however… he didn’t know that I had been hiding my background, my family name, and my past. I couldn’t tell him that that man in there was my father. I was the cruelest. My phone rang. It snapped me out of my daydream.



Ocean Acidification

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Have you ever felt your eyes burning, your nose stinging and your skin itching after swimming in a pool? Most likely the pH level was too low. When the pH level is too low, water becomes acidic. In addition to irritating skin, water acidification in pools causes the water to grow murky and green, it dissolves the lining of the pool, and it corrodes metal [1]. No one wants this to happen in his or her pool, but few people are doing anything to stop the dangerous acidification occurring throughout the world’s oceans and threatening the lives of global marine life and even human health.

What is Ocean Acidification?

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 오후 3.20.14

How ocean acidification occur [10]

The acidification of the ocean occurs when carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases dissolve into the water. When the gases such as CO2 dissolve into the ocean, carbonic acid is created [2]. Carbonic acid is created when the CO2 meets the seawater, H2O, (CO2 + H2O = H2CO3) [3]. In chemistry, some substances are bases such as bleach while other substances are acids such as apple juice. We measure and categorize acids and bases according to pH scale.  A pH scale is a number scale that usually ranges from 0-14. On the scale, acids have a pH of less than 7, and bases have pH of more than 7 [4]. In order for the ocean to be healthy, the pH level must be balanced. However, due to human activities, the pH level of the ocean is dropping. In other words, the level of acidity is rising.

What Causes Ocean Acidification?

Ocean acidification is caused by any kind of act that forms CO2, such as:

  • Air pollution
  • Acid deposition, which is often called acid rain (lower than 5.0 pH unit)
  • Lack of trees
  • Fossil fuel use
  • green house gases


The acidification has impact on everything such as: ocean lives, land, and human health.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 오후 3.35.02

Impact of Ocean Acidification on Shells [6]

The most serious impact of ocean acidification is the decreasing ability to produce and maintain the shell. This impacts on calcifying species such as: oysters, calms, sea urchins, shallow water corals and calcareous plankton (which are the producers of the ocean food chain and web). The impact on ability of producing and maintaining the shells, will worsen by the end of the 21st century. In a scientific way of explaining it, for calcifying species to maintain and produce the shells, they need carbonate ion. However, when CO2 is released into the seawater, it creates a hydrogen ion, which takes away the carbonate ion that is crucial to shells (19). For example, after the 21st century, when the pteropod, or called “sea butterfly” is exposed into the acidic ocean, its shell will slowly dissolve in 45 days [5]. When the producers are eliminated from the food chain, the whole food chain will collapse because it is like taking the base out of a pyramid:without the support of the base, the top parts will be unstable and fall.

Why does it matter that ocean acidification has negative impact on marine lives?

Well, this can affect the human’s health and economy. For good human health, we need a sufficient  amount of protein. This is because 16% of our bodies are made of protein [6]. More than a billion people all over the world depend on seafood for their major source of food. Without seafood, we are missing a huge portion of proteins we need! Also, our economy will be in danger. Many jobs relate to the fishing industry, such as fishermen, ocean photographers, seafood restaurants and seafood markets. At the same time, fish companies will lose profit and will be bankrupted [7]. This will raise unemployment rate and cause the companies’ stocks to drop! This will cause a huge problem! This will also cause the difference between the rich and the poor to worsen.

If this continues, in the end of the century, the ocean will become 150% more acidic, and the pH level will drop 0.4 pH unit. Also, concentration of carbonate (chemical that helps shells to maintain and form) will decrease by 60% [5]. This means the acidity will dissolve the shell even quicker than it is right now! Since the shell will dissolve very quickly and kill the calcifying species; by end of this century, kids won’t even know how the calms, crabs, and oysters taste like!

This video does a great job in showing how ocean acidification occur and what kind of impact it affect us. 

Then How Can We Stop This?

In order to lessen ocean acidification, we could could use renewable energy, such as solar system, water energy, and geothermal energy. This way, we wouldn’t have to use fossil fuels for human activities. However, this is very difficult to be achieved for different people. Solar panels cost too much to install and using fossil fuels are much cheaper than using renewable energy. Instead, we could try to take small actions.

1. Unplug your energy sucking vampire power

Without plugging the vampire power, standby power, not only you are creating CO2, you are wasting your money! Over $4 billion is wasted every year from the vampire power, that means over $130 per family [8]. Now, make sure you unplugged the vampire power.

2. Eliminate the use of cars

Instead having a drive to everywhere, if it’s close by, try to walk, cycle or take a public transport. This way, you will get extra exercise, saves your gas money for your car and doesn’t create CO2 much as you riding a car

3. Use less hot water

Do laundry with cold water, set the water heater to 120 degrees, and take cool or short showers. By using less of hot water, we could less energy which means less fuels are used to heat up the water.

Any actions that would lessen CO2, all the methods we have learned in the Climate Change unit, will reduce CO2, which means it will reduce ocean acidification. 

What Agency is Helping and Researching Ocean Acidification?

Right now, federal agency called IWGOA, Interagency Working Group on Ocean Acidification, is researching on how the ocean acidification affect marine life, ecosystems, adaptation, and resolutions. Not only that, they observe how ocean circulation and ecosystems work together to control how much North Pacific Ocean observes CO2. [9]

For more information, you can visit the ‘Strategic Plan for Federal Researching and Monitoring of Ocean Acidification’ by IWGOA.

Your Challenge Today

  • Think about how we could reduce emissions
  • Take an action! It doesn’t matter if it’s not a huge action like installing solar panels, take small actions at a time. Unplug unnecessary powers, take public transportations or walk, and always remember 3R: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!

Your small actions could save the ocean (and your seafood). 

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Violent Media?

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Why believe that violent media affect our society to become more violent? Critics believe violent media such as video games, music, and violent movies affect our society to become more violent.

However, how many people actually copy the violent acts from the media? We have common sense for a reason.

Game Addiction

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 오후 8.57.56

Call of Duty [4]

Video games are one of the violent media that are most frequently talked about. Many critics worry that society will become more dangerous and immoral as players of violent video games become addicted to the rewards they receive in the game. However, most players do not become addicted to the violence in video games. Critics think people become addicted because the players cannot or do not want to stop playing since they receive very important rewards for the violence they commit in the game. Rewards include emotional rewards like stress relief and satisfaction of power fantasies or game rewards like leveling up and receiving advanced items or abilities. For example, in Call of Duty players have to kill other opponents to claim items and win. In SAS: Zombie Assaut 3, players have to eliminate the zombies to receive money and unlock new weapons and advance their ranks. However, entertainment and competition should not be confused with addiction, no matter how violent the virtual acts may be.

Spending a significant amount of time playing violent video games is no different from spending a significant amount of time playing sports, many of which are also violent, such as boxing, hockey, or martial arts. In martial arts, in order to win, martial artists have to perform moves that will physically hurt the opponent. Many people, it could be said, are addicted to martial arts and devote most of their lives to the sport. Outside of martial arts, however, most martial artists are not seen beating people up for fun no matter how “addicted” they are to the sport. The rewards in video games and sports – pride, happiness, and satisfaction – are the same. A majority of video game players and sports enthusiasts, no matter how devoted they are to their hobbies, know the difference between the game and life. Players of violent shooting games do not normally go out on the street and start shooting people. Martial artists do not normally karate chop their neighbours in the face. As with all things, some people can become addicted to games and sports, but they are small minority in society.

We are exposed to the violent medias around the world. However, I think the violence and immorality in media doesn’t affect our society. When people watch violent medias, they usually don’t copy the violent actions. Even there are very few people who get influenced by the violence medias is because those people have been exposed to violent environment since they were little, when they were started to learn. Then again, that’s very small part of the population and the rest of population isn’t influenced so, it’s will be like one cell compare to the all the cells in the human body. For example, if one cell on the human body dies, it’s not going to affect the human; it is same with the society, if some people out of the whole population got influenced, it would not going to make our society more dangerous and immoral.


Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 오후 8.40.17

Anders Behring Breivik [3]

Some people might say that there are some people who get influenced by the violence medias and committed crimes such as Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in a political youth camp on the island of Utoya. He stimulated his attack on shooting video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare [1]. It is true that video games were used to stimulate the attack, but it wasn’t the cause of his mass murder. Breivik is suffering from mental disorder such as narcissistic personality characteristics. He is also a paranoid schizophrenic and found out to be sane. Not only that, he is a right wing political extremist, and he claimed that his attack was to seize the Islamization in Norway[2].

Also, people who commit crimes usually have been exposed to violent environment since they were little, when they started to learn; or they have some kinds of mental disorders.

Furthermore, it’s only the very small fraction of the world. So why do people need to give up on their right to play video games when it’s only a small part of the world is addicted to the video games?


What do you think? Do you still think violent video games (media) influence people? If you do, why is that? 



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My Sketchbook: Creative Blog Post

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